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Simultaneous Interpretation
Simultaneous interpretation is simultaneous translation of the speaker. 
During Simultaneous Interpretation, simultaneous interpreter is inside a cabin with a microphone and headphone system. 
Simultaneous interpreter hears the words of the speaker and transmit these dialogues to audiences through headphones and microphone.
Consecutive Interpretation
Consecutive interpretation is the oral translation service provided in the requested language upon completion of the speech of a speaker without needing any technical equipment. In Consecutive Interpretation, the speaker and the interpreter speaks in turns. Thus, no semantic confusion is caused or no statement is omitted.
Please, contact us for your Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation needs.
Tele Conference Interpretation
Company meetings with attendants from different countries, job interviews and similar important meetings  can be carried out easier by our expert interpreters on phone by saving time and money. Our interpreters with comprehensive knowledge on both countries contribute having your business negotiations in a positive atmosphere. 
Our experienced simultaneous interpreters are assigned for trials, business negotiations, conferences, seminars, formal and casual meetings, trips, trainings, inspections and etc. and they are always ready for your service at any time with their clear and professional interpretation techniques.